What if, you attend a Yorkshire Talks Master Class, and learn how to leave your comfort zone?: this is what happens…

Blog written by Helen Butters

At Yorkshire Talks we are passionate about lots of things: these include meeting new people, sharing stories, pushing boundaries, laughing a lot, listening a lot and talking a lot. We did all of those things with an amazing group of people last week when we ran the What If? Master Class. Attendees arrived from a wide range of backgrounds including, Ernst and Young, NHS Health Education England, Garbutt and Elliott, LNER, Icaros Herbals and a number of other businesses. What struck me was how everyone instantly connected and the feeling of excitement was immense. I can honestly say I haven’t enjoyed a day so much in a long time.

With the theme of extreme adventure and running businesses, we talked about risk taking, comfort zones, stretching out of our comfort zones and visiting the panic zone (there is nothing wrong, by the way in visiting the panic zone once in a while) and what all that means to us.

The day started with an ice breaker of abseiling from the top floor of the hotel in teams. Only joking, but they didn’t think we were joking at first: priceless moment. The day really started with everyone thinking about their own “What If?” What would life be like if money, responsibilities and time were not barriers? We debated risking too much versus not risking enough, demystifying risk and how to apply positive risk taking. We also talked about leaving our comfort zone, as we all know nothing grows there and it can be a bit boring! Conversations carried on over lunch and beyond into the afternoon. We learnt how to create an effective team and how to be a great leader. We talked about the philosophy of “risking forward”. If you have a belief in something, you will get there by listening to your inner current and risking forward into the exciting world of the unknown. So by the end of the day everyone was inspired to take on their own oceans. Tempted to join our next What if Master Class? This is what our attendees said after spending the day with us…

“I am inspired to keep leading myself to my personal and professional goals”

“Enjoyed listening to Helen and Janette bringing the themes to life rather than talking all theory”

“Fun! Made me feel empowered and confident to do what I feel is the right thing, to trust in myself”

“Inspirational and gave me the confidence to take more risks – great talk on leadership types”

“So much rich content! Loads of tools both to take away but during the workshop the tasks were actually valuable. The environment was so conducive to absorption of information as well as sharing and not being judged”

“Related to personal experience, great presentation and innovative”

“Informative, precise and loved your stories”

“Both presenters were engaging and complemented each other with delivering a lot of content without disengaging the audience”

By popular demand we are holding our next What If? Master Class on Thursday 10 October. Full details of this and other events can be found here

A special thank you to Lisa Stonehouse who took some amazing pictures on the day. Check out her website www.lisastonehouse.com

We would also like to thank our delegates for being open, honest, funny, engaging, and making the day special. We are so happy that everyone left on a high and we look forward to checking up on your leadership tools and finding out what your oceans will be. You can’t get rid of us now: just saying.

Blog written by Helen Butters

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