The power of story telling

Yorkshire Talks was set up to provide a platform for storytelling. Both Helen and I believe in the power of a story and how it inspires and motivates people to do things they would not normally do. Stories are more memorable, when you tell a story people slow down and they listen to you. We know from our own experience, you are more likely to be interested in a story than you are when presented with just data, facts and figures. For thousands of years, since the first cave paintings were discovered, telling stories has been one of our most fundamental communication methods. We all enjoy a good story whether it’s a movie, a book or simply sharing stories with our friends. We feel so much more engaged when we hear a narrative about events as opposed to boring bullet points.storytelling brainNow comes the science bit! Researchers have known for a long time that the “classical” language regions of the brain are involved in how the Brain interprets written words. Scientists have now come to realise that stories activate many other parts of our brains as well suggesting why the experience of reading can feel so alive. When we are being told a story not only are the language processing parts in our brain activated, but any other area in our brain that we would use when experiencing the events of the story are too. If someone tells us about how delicious certain foods are, it excites the part of our brain related to food. This helps to explain why we become so much more engaged when we are listening to a story as opposed to hard facts. At Yorkshire Talks we harness the power of storytelling and use it together with data and facts in a way that moves our audiences both intellectually and emotionally. If you too enjoy the power of storytelling email us at

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