“My coaching sessions with Helen were very beneficial. They helped by giving me conscious reflection time following an extremely tough expedition, mentally, socially, physically. Helen’s sessions helped me to objectively view my then current situation and perceptions of what I had been through. With time and several sessions with Helen I was able to view my experience in a positive light rather than a negative one. I managed to take away the successes and celebrate them and continue to do so rather than be crippled by the failings of the expedition. She has a manner of the utmost professionalism, enabling me to feel calm and relaxed and at ease talking about some very tough experiences. I gained not only great coaching from Helen but also an unexpected friendship that I am thrilled to have”. Duncan Roy

“Helen and I worked on my photography business. My areas of discussion concentrated on: investing in the business and moving into advertising and unit stills photography. I realised very soon into the process that I had been focusing on areas that were relatively unimportant and gained clearer perspectives as a result. Through coaching, I realised where my attention needed to be directed to make positive changes. As someone with ADD prioritising and decision making are two executive functions that are not my strongest areas. Helen’s processes have helped me during and following on from coaching as I often think, how would Helen encourage me to approach this”. Lisa Stonehouse

“My coaching sessions with Helen allowed me to find the answers for myself. I was able to see the things I needed to change to enable me to view my own experience as a success rather than a failing. Helen is decisive, infectious, and enthusiastic. Her confident and pragmatic approach helped me to move towards my goals from day one and put to bed certain time-wasting concerns that had stopped me in the past. I think of coaching as a spring clean of the mind. Regain a positive mind set and clarity about my own beliefs and confidence in taking forward the decisions and actions needed for me to live a good life”. Adam James Grant

“The pre expedition training I did with Helen was brilliant. It helped me identify the goal I hoped to achieve both through the event and beyond into the rest of my life. Through our conversations my actions were implemented immediately and always to a positive effect for the whole team. I’m really looking forward to seeing what she has in store for us on our return”. Fraser Mowlam

“Coaching gave me the opportunity to verbalise the thoughts in my head without judgement and with useful prompts that helped me clarify my thoughts to myself. The benefit is that I feel more confident in my way of thinking and of challenging myself. The knock on effect is that I can explore my thoughts and take the decisions I need to make about my life with a renewed confidence and a positive mind set”. Veronica Lovett