Our Approach

Yorkshire Talks is a successful events business delivering quality talks, seminars and training to global audiences and corporate organisations. Our mission is built on passion, drive, and enthusiasm for every event we create or help create. We work hard, laugh often, and invest all energy into the creation of unforgettable events that inform, inspire, motivate and cause people to take action.

Yorkshire Talks ladies were part of Yorkshire Rows team. Now delivering inspirational story telling and business courses

Our Story

The path that led us to creating Yorkshire Talks began many years ago. For Helen it was when she started her career in communications. She has spent years passionately helping others to communicate better and share their knowledge and stories.  For Janette it was when she set up a successful training business in the healthcare industry.  She later sold the business but has never lost her desire to keep sharing knowledge by continuing to speak at global events on subjects she is passionate about. Several years ago we rowed across the Atlantic Ocean!  As a result we have met many people with  inspirational stories to tell. We quickly realised these stories need to be shared as they not only inspire, they give hope, encouragement and a general feeling of well-being, happiness and even fearlessness.  We created Yorkshire Talks to be the platform to not only share these amazing stories also to share our knowledge and experience.  Our aim is simple we want to help you grow and develop.

Meet the Team

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Janette Benaddi


Janette started her career as a qualified nurse eventually moving into teaching and counselling. In 1997 she set up her first business, a clinical research company in the healthcare industry.  Since then she has gone on to start up, manage and sell a number of very succesful businesses.  One of Janette's many passions is in helping  other SMEs as a business mentor and coach.  Perhaps one of her most significant life acheivements was her role as Skipper of the Yorkshire Rows team.  She took on this mammoth task with the usual grit, determination and positivity that she brings to everything in her life.  Skippering a boat with four very strong women for 67 days at sea was not an easy challenge. The very fact that the rest of the team have always said "she was the greatest skipper ever" is a testament to her strong leadership abilities.

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Helen Butters


With many years of experience as a senior manager in the NHS, Helen has exceptional communication skills and has spent her career delivering training.  Helen has a real passion for helping people to communicate better. She is also a  qualified performance life coach helping others to live a more fulfilling and satisfying life.  She works collaboratively with her clients to find meaning, understanding and solutions: empowering them to come up with the answers.  She is passionate about the ethos of coaching as a powerful positive discipline and uses flexible effective tools which enable her clients to turn their belief into reality. One of Helen's biggest acheivements outside of the NHS was her lead role in designing the communication, publicity and media campaign for Yorkshire Rows which was extremely succesful. Helen's skills and experience in communication, team work and her steely determination were a real assset in ensuring a succesful row across the Atlantic Ocean as part of Team Yorkshire Rows.


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